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RAMCO is a full service Boat Dock manufacturer.  We can fabricate any size aluminum dock and with a variety of shapes and configurations such as U dock, L dock, W dock, platform, or multiple slip docks.   


RAMCO aluminum dock frames utilizes high strength MIG and TIG welded structure, fabricated with Marine Grade 6061 T-6 and 6063 T-52 extruded aluminum with a minimum wall thickness of .120".  


RAMCO boat dock frames meet and exceed State of California load-bearing specifications for aluminum frame dock systems.

Aluminum boat docks offer advantages over wood structures; these include very high durability to the stress of wake and boat-mooring, high resistance to corrosion and degradation, a much higher strength-to-weight ratio in comparison to wood structures, and a much longer overall product lifetime.


Canopy and boat-lift systems can be added or transferred as requested.

We utilize heavy duty 5/16” galvanized steel cables and heavy duty Winches and Turnbuckles to secure the new dock to the existing sea wall or other connections.



RAMCO can provide the renowned  GOLDEN BOAT LIFT Models ranging in size from 3,000 pounds up to 60,000 pound models.  Golden Boat Lifts are the most advanced lifts available and include options for various boat styles and hull shapes. 



We design and fabricate dock canopies with most any size, shape, and configuration. 

We construct our canopies with Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame construction that provides a durable rust-proof surface that will last for many, many years and will outlast any other steel or galvanized steel structure. 

Our Canopies are much lighter in weight than steel canopies (less than half) which puts much less strain on your dock and cables.  

We utilize 3” x 3” Heavy Duty Posts  and Heavy duty Aluminum truss perimeter beams and roof hip and ridge beams. 

Our design provides a

"domed" canopy to easily accommodate most any boat tower and bimini size and shape. 

For roof sheeting we utilize custom Steel ribbed roofing panels that feature a durable paint with a 40 year factory paint warranty.


We are Trex specialists and can replace your decayed Trex boards with new state of the art Trex at no cost to you for the material under the Trex class-action settlement.

If you have Trex that has deteriorated, you are likely eligible for free replacement.  We are experts in this process and have the paperwork and knowledge to help you apply. 

For our standard dock surface we utilize the new TREX composite materials.   Trex boards are now made with 95% recycled materials and eco-friendly manufact- uring processes, and include the new Trex high-performance, weather-resistant shell providing a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.


RAMCO DOCKS services and responsibilities include specification, design,  manufacture, testing, installation, and POA Permit submission and approvals.  We assist you in the complex POA and Water District Permit process, fill out necessary paperwork, produce required drawings, recommend Property Line Surveyors,  and attend Compliance and Planning meetings on your behalf.    

We are proud to provide our customers with marinas, docks, canopies, ramps, and landing platforms that surpass expectations and impress your family and friends. 

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